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Welcome. The Awen Health Centre was created by Dr. Keith Condliffe, N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor).

At Awen, the program evolves to support your needs. It is a co-created experience in which your body energy guides the program design.

Dr. Condliffe's inspiration is the regenerative properties of nature. His everyday purpose is to leave people feeling balanced, powerful and trusting life. People seek his care and experience to transform their health and feel optimally supported on their path.

Health is a force that is always with us. We can be healing from chronic disease or experiencing peak health. In every situation, we invite our full healing force forward by tapping into our body wisdom.

Family Health

Our family programs centre around promoting pre-natal, perinatal and early childhood health. Children are perfect beings who need support to overcome the unique challenges of our contemporary health climate. Addressing imbalances early encourages optimal health for the whole family.

Chronic Disease

When alignment happens between mind, body and spirit, healing occurs on a deep cellular level. Often 'unknown' causes are revealed when you address the blockages to your own healing. Holistic treatment does not have to involve a battery of tests. For a list of the conditions that lead people to seek Dr. Condliffe's care, click here.

Bioenergetic Medicine

Dr. Condliffe comes from a medical family and values science. Some day scientific inquiry may be able to measure the strength of a human spirit. Until then, Keith's personal journey is to discover the subtle energetics that underlie the healing process. Keith makes sure each client understands their healing process on a rational level to support what they are feeling in their bodies.

Home Kit

Acute illness and occasional injury is part of being alive. Most of us have a medicine cupboard full for such occasions. Dr. Condliffe offers education about how to use a home natural medicine kit effectively, so that your body recovers quickly and stays strong.

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