At The Awen Health Centre, every program is different, a response to the individual's desires and their bioenergetics. It is a co-created experience drawing upon the modalities and treatment options outlined below.
  • Naturopathic Medicine
    Rooted in Vitalism and Nature Cure, Naturopathic Medicine is a health-centric approach to healthcare. In addition to medical studies, Keith's naturopathic education at CCNM included the modalities of nutrition, lifestyle counselling, botanical medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and physical medicine. While studying, Keith loved all the learning but was tormented by the question: how would he match it to the individual client without relying heavily on trial and error? And so he sought out mentorship to begin understanding the daunting art of medicine. In an attempt to meld his natural sensitivity and intuition with a lifelong pursuit of this art, Keith looked outside the main curriculum and embarked on studying Auricular Medicine, which has since morphed into Elemental Medicine (below). If you are interesting in reading it, the Naturopathic Oath can be found here.
  • Elemental Medicine
    Elemental Medicine is the therapeutic framework which guides Keith's bioenergetic testing, an algorithmic assessment technique based on the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is rooted in his studies of Auricular Medicine with Dr. Mikhael Adams and Alison Feather Adams, itself a branch of Paul Nogier's Auriculotherapy. Elemental Medicine testing relies on the pulse response during testing of the client's bioenergetic field. This combined feedback can reveal the body's blockages to healing. Finding the treatments and / or remedies to shift the blockage(s) allows for treatment individualization which respects the body's therapeutic priorities (order of operations), while matching and supporting the body's current level of vitality along the path towards self-healing.
  • Diet and Lifestyle
    The Elemental Medicine assessment helps determine optimal diet and nutritional parameters, which together with individualized lifestyle recommendations form the foundation of any good health program. That said, Keith knows from personal experience that fixating on diet alone rarely reaches the deeper energetic blockages that can anchor disharmony and disease. In fact, a too-narrow focus on diet and lifestyle can often perpetuate those same blockages. So while certain restrictions can be important to stimulate vitality and jumpstart detoxification, the long-term goal is self-guided intuitive eating and living. Increased dietary flexibility and environmental resilience occurs naturally as the body restores immune strength, tolerance and balance.
  • Biotherapeutic Drainage and Remedies
    Biotherapeutic Drainage is a system of using medicines and natural remedies to gently cleanse and tonify in a way that moves the body towards self-healing. Based on testing and in line with your desires for treatment, remedy selections may include one or more of the following kinds of remedies: traditional herbal medicine, gemmotherapy, nutraceuticals, probiotics, single and / or complex homeopathic medicine. Dr. Keith also holds a prescribing licence for pharmaceutical medicines in British Columbia, so can assist clients with those prescriptions when appropriate.
  • Auricular Acupuncture
    In Auricular Acupuncture, assessing and treating specific points on the ear can offer access to far away organs, stuck emotions and pain patterns in the body. Treatment using acupressure or different kinds of ear needles is a direct way to restore energy flow, which can have quick and profound effects. When indicated and for those open to it, it can address causal blockages as well as relieve pain, settle emotional turmoil, alleviate allergies and support addiction withdrawal. It is a powerful option for in person clients.
  • Referrals
    Even though Dr. Keith has worked as a solo practitioner for almost 15 years, he loves working within a holistic, individualized healthcare model that supports a client-centred approach. When appropriate and desired by the client, Keith refers to some amazing practitioners (therapists, osteopaths, medical doctors, holistic nutritionists, dentists, TCM practitioners, and other healers) and other holistic practices (men’s and women’s circles, conscious dance, yoga, tai qi, qi gong, etc.). As they say, it takes a village and a strong village feels good!
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