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Meet Katie Buemann

Katie is now working with Dr. Condliffe as the virtual Office Manager at Awen Health! She’ll be handling all of the bookings moving forward. Please feel free to contact Katie at clinic[at]awenhealth[dot]ca and she will be more than happy to help.

Katie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who’s been immersing herself in the world of health and wellness for the past 6 years. Katie looks at each individual as just that, an individual with a very different set of needs and desires. Using her sensitivity to people’s energy she creates personalized programs that include body, mind, and spirit practices. Each program is highly individualized with a focus on creating a foundation for true and lasting change.

Although Katie is more than willing to help anyone who’s looking to improve their health naturally, her areas of focus are gut health, digestion, and weight loss. Her aim is to help people become confident and trust in their natural ability to be their own best health advocate. A large part of her practice is educating her clients on the “why” behind the recommendations. She believes that it’s in the understanding behind the change, and the willingness to look beyond the surface, where true evolution takes place.