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Your First Visit

From August 2019 onwards, new clients are welcome to book online or by calling the clinic, for visits in Comox. If you find there is a multiple month wait and would like to check in sooner, please email or call the clinic to request a wait list spot. We’ll do our best to find you an earlier visit time; letting us know your availability will help us streamline the process for you.

Your first visit will look something like this:

1) A conversation about your health history, current and long-term health desires
2) A focused physical examination and
3) An Elemental Medicine bioenergetic assessment and treatment

The frequency of follow-up visits varies, depending upon your desires and condition. Usually in the first year of care, 5-10 visits are normal. Visits become less frequent as you progress. Family members and caregivers are welcome to accompany each other to visits.

To download the Consultation Package and Working Together at Awen document, which includes the fee schedule, please click here.


At Awen, the wisdom of your body guides your health journey. In addition to conventional diagnostic techniques, Dr. Keith finds that bioenergetic assessments help improve client results by matching the energy of an imbalance with a remedy or treatment that helps restore balance. In short, biofeedback helps Dr. Keith identify therapies which match well with your unique biochemistry. Through the assessment process and the discussion it stimulates, clients gain an understanding of the reasoning behind any recommendations.

The bioenergetic technique Dr. Keith uses is called Elemental Medicine.

Elemental Medicine combines Five Element principles with Auricular Medicine techniques. It uses biofeedback from the client's radial pulse to identify and treat blockages in the body. Common blockages include infection and / or organ level excesses or deficiencies. Elemental Medicine assessments complement conventional diagnostic techniques to identify and treat the root causes of disease. Elemental Medicine is rooted in the teachings of Paul Nogier, MD (a French neurologist), Mikhael Adams, ND (creator of Auricular Medicine) and Alison Adams (author, medical intuitive) as well as the age-old observation of human health as documented in texts on Five Element Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Your program suggestions are based on relevant diagnostic criteria and your Elemental Medicine assessment. Program suggestions include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, treatments and remedies.

Dr. Keith uses treatments (auricular acupuncture and other bioenergetic treatments) to help clients address imbalances directly. Remedies support ongoing integration and restoration of self healing. Remedies may include herbal medicines, phyto-embryonic medicines, nutritional approaches, homeopathic medicines and pharmaceutical medicines.

All program suggestions are complimentary to any care received from other healthcare professionals. Any drug interactions are carefully considered with you, and a collaborative, team approach is adopted. Dr. Keith is a licensed prescriber of pharmaceutical medicines under the naturopathic scope of practice in British Columbia.

Dr. Keith honours the principles of Naturopathic Medicine in his work with clients. For a list of the conditions that lead people to seek Dr. Condliffe's care, click here.


After the initial in-clinic visit, clients can choose to have their follow ups in person or from the comfort of their home town or country. Each follow-up appointment is 40-50 minutes and includes a discussion an update on current health desires and challenges, any relevant diagnostic investigations, as well as an Elemental Medicine bioenergetic assessment.

In the case of distance appointments, Dr. Keith may proceed with an Elemental Medicine assessment, using a distance scan technique. Distance appointments may include the following components:

  • a distance energetic scan, including blockages to self-healing and remedy recommendations
  • a phone call or Skype call at the appointment time (Pacific Standard Time)
  • a discussion of your health updates, your current health desires and any blockages you perceive
  • a discussion of the energetic scan as related to your current health
  • an emailed copy of your program suggestions
  • referrals to local practitioners for diagnostic testing (whenever relevant and necessary)
  • remedies delivered by courier (if needed / desired)

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